Bow High School Health Services

The Health Services office is open on school days 7:15am - 3:00pm. It is located in the 1200 wing next to the guidance department. The school nurse maintains health records including immunizations and sports physicals for student athletes, attends to the health needs of students and assists students and parents with health-related educational plans.

Leslie Bean RN, School Nurse email:
Health Office: 228-2210 x 334 Fax 228-2212

Emergency Information and OTC Medication Permission Form:

An Emergency Information / Medication Permission Form must be completed each school year. This form provides important contact information for your student in case of an emergency and gives permission to the school nurse to administer over-the-counter pain (OTC) medications i.e.: acetaminophen (generic for Tylenol) and ibuprofen (generic for Advil, Motrin) to their student. Students are NOT permitted to carry and self-administer OTC medications.

Please be sure to notify the school nurse of changes (contact, insurance, medical information or medication) so that your form can be updated and accurate. Please download a copy of this form using the link below and return it to the school nurse.

Click here for Emergency Form: Emergency Form


Prescribed Medications:

All prescribed medications that need to be taken during the school day or during school-sponsored activities, must be brought to the health office and administered under the supervision of the nurse (NH Ed. 311.02). Prescribed medications must be accompanied by written doctor's order and written parental permission. Medications must be in the original labeled containers. Most pharmacists will provide a bottle for school and one for home if asked.

*Students with severe, potentially life-threatening allergies are permitted to carry their emergency medication such as inhalers and Epi-pens (NH Ed. 200:42-47). Written authorization from both the parent and physician must be provided ANNUALLY to the school nurse for approval.

It is NOT recommended that students take narcotic pain medication during the school day. If a student is experiencing pain so severe to need a narcotic, it's best to stay home.

Click here for Medication Permission Form: Medication Administration Form


Health Information Updates:

Please notify the school nurse of any significant health issues such as;

*Students needing to be excused from active BEST classes need to bring a medical note to the health office.

Communicable Diseases:
Communication from home is essential in monitoring communicable disease outbreaks. Please be sure to report Influenza-Like-Illness symptoms, fever >100, with cough, sore throat, congestion, headache on the attendance line or to the school nurse should your student exhibit symptoms. Students who have been ill with a fever can return to school when they have been fever free, without the use of fever-reducing medications for 24 hours.

Students must comply with NH Immunization requirements for school enrollment (NH Ed 311.01). Immunization adopts the (NH Immunization Law He-P 301.14), requiring students to have proof of all required immunizations. Students may be exempt from immunization due to medical or religious exemptions (RSA 141-C:20-c) with notarized exemption form on file in the school. You may check your student's immunization record on their Infinite Campus portal.

Other helpful information:

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