BMS Student Council

In May students in grades 4-7 interested in representing their grade the following school year, can write a short proposal to the Bow Memorial School Student Council Advisors explaining why they think they would make an excellent student representative.  Once their proposal is approved by advisors the student is a candidate for student council and will run their campaign and present their proposal or “speech” to their peers on a designated day.  After all candidates have read their speeches students vote for the designated number of representatives for their grade. Winners will become the student council representatives for the following school year.

Council members must attend weekly council meetings, help run some school-wide assemblies and be willing and available for some after school functions.  They must be careful listeners, clear speakers, very responsible and interested in what is going on in the school community. They report out Student Council meeting minutes to their homeroom once a week and frequently have to take student ideas back to the council. 

 If you think participating in the Bow Memorial School Student Council is something you are interested in pursuing, we look forward to meeting you and working with you to make our school community the best it can be!

Anita Shaw  and Jan Eskeland                                                    Bow Memorial School Student Council Advisors