REACH Mentoring Program

This program provides an opportunity for students who want to pursue a certain area of study beyond what they are learning in the classroom. These students are matched with a mentor who also has similar interests. 


Who can be a mentor?


Anyone who would like to share their interests and passions can be a mentor.


~Community Members

~High School Students


~Business People/Professionals

~School Board Members



Whatís in it for you?


Being a mentor offers you an opportunity to share your interests, expertise, and experience with middle school children who also have similar interests.

It provides an opportunity for you to be invigorated by the enthusiasm of these learners.

It provides you the opportunity to make a real difference in a childís learning experience.



What is the time commitment?


Mentorships generally meet once a week for about 45 minutes.

Mentorships usually run for 6 weeks.

Mentorships take place before and during school hours.

(However, we are very flexible!)



What grade levels participate?

     ~Grades 5 though 8

      ~Students are frequently grouped by grade due to scheduling needs.



How many students will  work with one mentor?

     Usually a mentor will work with one to six students.



As a mentor, do I need lesson plans?

The REACH coordinator will assist you in preparing and planning for each meeting.

Discussion, activities, guest speakers, and field trips can all be part of your meetings.


Students will share what they would like to do or learn.


Typically there is

   ~No correcting papers

   ~No grading

   ~No homework

Itís more a sharing of ideas.



How are students selected for the mentorships?


*Teachers refer students

*Parents refer their children

*Students refer themselves

*Information collected from student interest surveys



What have been the subjects or topics of some mentorships?

~Creative Writing                  ~Literature                        ~Spanish

~Historical Debate                ~Leadership                     ~Debate

~Bridge Design                     ~Rocket Building              ~Poetry

~Robotics                               ~Radioactivity                   ~State Legislature

~Music Composition             ~Math  Enrichment           ~Literacy

~Book Club                            ~Orchestra                        ~Theater

~Crossword Puzzles             ~Art                                    ~French


 (New topics are always welcome!)



What resources are available?


The REACH program and the Administration are committed to providing necessary materials and support for each and every program.



Are there funds available for materials, activities, and field trips?





The success of the mentoring program relies entirely on our mentors.  If you have a special interest or passion that you would like to share, please contact Christy Romano, REACH Coordinator at 225-3212 ext. #416 or