Dr. Christopher E. Naimie
   Bow High School
   Deptartment of Math/Science/Technology
   Office: Teacher Room II (across from Art Room)
   Email: cnaimie@bownet.org
   Main Office Phone: (603)228-2210

   2018-2019 Class Schedule/Website Links: 
      Period 1: Calculus II: AP Calculus BC Plus More!
      Period 2: Physics
      Period 3: Planning Period
      Period 4: Planning Period
      Period 5: Duty Period: Room 1210
      Period 6: Engineering Principles II
      Period 7: Engineering Principles I
      Period 8: AP Physics: Calculus Based Mechanics
      Intercession: To Be Determined

   Lab Safety Quizlet: Answer with definition/Multiple Choice questions only 

   Nordic Skiing Coach: 2017-2018 Season

Education/Academic Research